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How did Oskar Schindler reacted on the Nazi party policies in Germany?

Oscar Schindler did not initially react to the policies the Nazi party was imposing on the Jewish people. In fact, he made millions of dollars off their suffering because thei (MORE)

What are some policies and laws did the Nazi government make to limit the freedom and rights of Jews in Germany?

They made small changes first, which eventually grew. Jews had to wear a yellow star of David to identify themselves as Jewish, then they were restricted to curfews, their sto (MORE)

Why didn't people of Germany speak out against the Nazi policies?

In a police state it is extremely difficult to speak out against government policy. The point is not only that it requires courage but that it is very difficult to make onesel (MORE)

When did war with Nazi Germany end?

  On April 30, 1945, as the Battle for Berlin raged and the city was being overrun by Soviet forces, Hitler committed suicide in his underground bunker. Two days later, on (MORE)

Are there Neo-Nazis in Germany?

Yes, there are some Neo-Nazis in Germany, but they are not very successful politically. They have a few representatives in 2 of the 16 state legislatures. Answere No, Neo-Naz (MORE)

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