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What is racial discrimination?

Basically, because of the color of your skin or ethnicity, you are not treated the same as the majority. Ethnicity is not race. Racial discrimination is when one's apparen ( Full Answer )
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What is racial overtones?

It's a way to accuse someone of being racially insensitive without calling them a racist. Example: "That comment has racial overtones, you should apologize!"
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What is Racialization?

Racialization places stereotypes or racial qualities on people. Theprocess usually ties a particular race with a certain activity orthought process when the ethnicity does not ( Full Answer )
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What is a racial conservative?

seems to be a term, some American-whites are using to classify their own racial feelings into a category that is not "taboo". This way they can avoid being called "racist". It ( Full Answer )
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What is racial heritage?

Racial Heritage Theory? -- it is actually one of the theories that explain economic growth. It had been emphasized during Adolf Hitler's time, stressing that the belie ( Full Answer )
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What is racial tension?

Racial tension is animosity or dislike between two (or sometimes more) racial groups. It can be caused by resentment (one group believes the other is being treated better in t ( Full Answer )
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What is by racial?

Actually, the word is "biracial" (the prefix "bi" refers to "two"). To be biracial means to have two different racial ancestries-- in President Obama's case, his mother was wh ( Full Answer )
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What racial sayings are there?

Some of these sayings are not nice, but this is some of what people say: Get with the Brown if you want to get down. If it ain't White, it ain't right. Once you go Blac ( Full Answer )
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What is racial homogeneity?

The absence of multiple ethnic groups (i.e. a single ethnic group). The most popular use of the phrase I can think of applies to Japan which asserts that it comprised of only ( Full Answer )
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What is racial supremacy?

the prejudice that members of the of a certain race are superior to members of other races