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What is racial realism?

Answer . Racial realism is a term used for either of two directly opposed positions, both motivated by the durability and social importance of racial distinctions: * The v (MORE)

What is racial segregation?

Racial segregation is when two races (examples of races are black, white, Mexican, Asian, etc.) are separated in everything they do. We once had a segregation between whites a (MORE)

What is Racialization?

Racialization places stereotypes or racial qualities on people. Theprocess usually ties a particular race with a certain activity orthought process when the ethnicity does not (MORE)

What are racial stereotypes?

Racial Stereotypes and Age Concepts in an email A business letter should not contain words that evoke racial discrimination or politically incorrect words. Racial stereotype (MORE)

What is by racial?

Actually, the word is "biracial" (the prefix "bi" refers to "two"). To be biracial means to have two different racial ancestries-- in President Obama's case, his mother was wh (MORE)
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What is racial harmony for?

The term means for the different races to get along. This helps usto meet and make new friends among different races of people.

Why are their racial groups?

There are racial groups because some people don't like other types of people because of there's not good for people to judge people by their physical looks, but by (MORE)

What is a racial behavior?

Actually, there is no such thing. Racial characteristics are characteristics which a person is born with, such as skin or hair colour. Behaviour is almost all learned, and tho (MORE)
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Is racial a noun?

No, the word 'racial' is an adjective , a word that describesa noun as of, relating to, or based on race (a racial divide, racial diversity).