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What is the difference between raclette and fondue?

Raclette is generally cooked in a little oven on tables in Switzerland, it consists of cheese and sliced cooked potato. You out the potato and cheese on a little tray and slid ( Full Answer )
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What is the purpose of a raclette?

A raclette melting machine is used for making the popular Swiss dish raclette. Originally raclette was prepared over an open flame, but with the raclette melting machine one c ( Full Answer )
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Where can one buy a Raclette grill?

One can buy a Raclette grill from where they are available for prices between $30 and $140. One can also get them from Walmart, eBay, Target and from Sears.
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Why is Raclette cheese different from other cheeses?

Raclette Cheese is different than other cheeses because this cheese is made by each individual that is enjoying a party with friends and made in special pans with different ve ( Full Answer )