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What is radar?

"RADAR" is an acronym for RAdio Detection And Ranging, which is a broadcast beam and receiver, used primarily to detect the objects (such as aircraft) which are at a distance (MORE)

What does a radar do?

  Radar sends out a radio wave and measures the reflected radio wave using it to calculate a target's speed, shape, material the object is made of, and direction of moveme (MORE)

What radar do?

At the minimum, a radar is a device that can detect the range of the target object (ie. radar gun used by law enforcement). A more advanced radar can locate the range and di (MORE)

What did the radar do?

radar sends electromagnetic waves and it is reflected back by the object such as a plane or a sub and based on the analysis of time and speed of wave we get the position of ob (MORE)

What is the principle of radar?

The basic idea behind radar is very simple: a signal is transmitted, it bounces off an object and it is later received by some type of receiver. This is like the type of thing (MORE)

What is radar identification on radar?

2. Mostly what we see as a result of Radar, is a little bright blob on a luminous screen! We may infer it is a plane, or a mountain or a ship, but only if we make a whole seri (MORE)

What does radar?

What does radar what? What does it do? Weather radar scans layers of the atmosphere to find rain and storms. Rain or clouds will reflect the radar signal back to the transmitt (MORE)

Did Bismark have radar?

Bismarck certainly had radar but it may only have been gunnery radar similar to that on the Graf Spee in 1939.
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