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What are radicals?

Radicals are atoms of different elements which have combined together and cannot exist independently. They are charged particles and are highly reactive.
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Who were the radicals?

The radical republicans were a loose faction of Americanpoliticians within the Republican Party. They had been opposed toslavery during the war, and after the war supported eq ( Full Answer )
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What is radicalism?

Radicalism refers to movements where the followers have extremeviews compared to what is already followed in society and wish tocompletely dismantle them. The members of these ( Full Answer )
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What is radical profiling?

Racial profiling is an assumption of criminality just by a race orethnic group. Can also be referred to as the alleged policy of somepolice to stop and question certain ethnic ( Full Answer )
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What is a radical Muslim?

A radical Muslim is one who has a different view on the quran than most people. they are sometimes terrorists who view certain words in the quran as god commanding a jihad(hol ( Full Answer )
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What did radical Republicans do?

They are known to have played a part in Reconstruction and the passing of the three amendments-the 13th Amendment, the 14th Amendment, and the 15th Amendment. They had 'radica ( Full Answer )
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What does radical mean?

It means something really crazy or cool, or in mathematical terms, it is the square root symbol over a number.
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What is radical prostaectomy?

A radical prostatecomy is when the prostate gland, nerves that control erection and some surrounding tissue are removed due to prostate cancer. In many cases, men who have ( Full Answer )
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What is the radical that is a radical number?

It is a root of a number where that root cannot be made into arational number. For example, the cuberoot(27/64) is 3/4 and so is not a radical butcuberoot(32/64) = cuberoot(1 ( Full Answer )
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What is radicalization?

Radicalization is the extremety or intense swaying of view towardssomething. This is a term used to describe cults and politicalconstituents, among other things.