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What is radioactive?

For a substance to be radioactive, it has to emit radiation.Radiation is defined as energy emissions, often as electromagneticwaves or subatomic particles.
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What is radioactively?

some atoms have a center that isn't stable. This center sometime looses parts, like a proton or a neutron. That part is released with an enormous amount of power. We call that ( Full Answer )
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If a substance is radioactive is its compound radioactive?

Yes. A radioactive atom is a radioactive atom. If that atom exists as a single atom and is uncombined and it is radioactive, it's radioactive. If that same atom is chemically ( Full Answer )
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Is a radioactive standard a radioactive source?

Yes. A radioactive standard is a configuration of radioactive material constructed in a precise way, allowing the standard to be used as a reference when measuring other radia ( Full Answer )
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Is copper radioactive or not radioactive?

It depends. There are over 20 isotopes (types) of copper. Most of them are radioactive, but also quite rare. So any copper an average person would see would not be radioacti ( Full Answer )
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What has radioactivity in it?

Radioactivity is the process of process of spontaneous disintegration of nucleus and is measured by Geiger counter. It remains unaffected by external factors like temperatures ( Full Answer )
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What is radioactivity?

Radioactive decay occurs in unstable atomic nuclei - that is, ones that don't have enough binding energy to hold the nucleus together due to an excess of either protons or neu ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between radioactive and radioactivity?

Radioactivity is the general property common to all radioactive materials. Radioactive is a qualifier used to identify materials having this general property. Example ( Full Answer )
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What are radioactivity?

Radioactivity was discovered by Henry Becquerel but the term 'Radioactivity' was given by Madam Curie. It is the process of process of spontaneous disintegration of nucleus an ( Full Answer )