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Name of the french radion station?

Which one???? They must have hundreds. I'll give you the name of an international one: RFI (Radio France International), it broadcasts in several languages.
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Has anyone had success with Radionics or Psionics Devices?

Hello, You may find interesting a paper I recently released named The Hieronymus Hoax: Radionics, the Miraculous Pathoclast, and Deception. You can download it here. (MORE)
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How do you change radions to degrees and degrees to radians?

360 o = 2*pi*radians or 180 o = pi*radians . Convert 7*pi/15 radians to degrees . 1 radian = 180 o /pi . Therefore: 7*pi/15 radians = 7*pi/15*180/pi = 84 degrees . Conv (MORE)
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What does radionics do?

Radionics advocates believe that underlying causes of diseases emit radio-like frequencies that can be detected by their equipment.
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What is radionics?

Radionics is a highly controversial field that claims to detect and modulate life force using electronic devices.
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What is radionics used for?

a journal published by radionics founder Albert Abrams claimed the technology was effective against diseases as serious as cancer, tuberculosis, and syphilis.
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What is radionics known to be used for?

Radionics is a form of healing which is not recognised by any medical authority. It was first "invented" by Albert Abrams in the early 1900s and involved the use of radionic (MORE)
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Where can one purchase a Bosch radion online?

Bosch radion are tools that provide power and radio service when the main power is down. Amazon, Lowes, Best Buy, Home Depot and overstock carry them.
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What has the author Stepan Radion written?

Stepan Radion has written: 'Catalog of the publications of the Volhynian Bibliographic Center' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Catalogs, Volhynian Bibliographic Center 'A sur (MORE)