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Do you need a license to hold a raffle?

It depends on what type of raffle you are holding. If you are holding a small raffle only with family and friends you usually don't need a licence. But if you are holding a bi (MORE)

Is it legal to raffle a home in Florida?

849.09 Lottery prohibited; exceptions.--   (1) It is unlawful for any person in this state to:   (a) Set up, promote, or conduct any lottery for money or for anything of (MORE)

A poem for Sir Stamford Raffles?

Sir Stamford Raffles is so great,he found Singapore as a trading port, the port was free and safe ,no taxes had to be paid,all thanks to Sir Stamford Raffles,Singapore became (MORE)

Can you raffle your house legally in California?

House raffles are legal in California, but individuals cannot raffle their homes themselves in the United States. You will need a non-profit charity to sponsor your event. Cal (MORE)

Are raffles a way of gambling?

Yes, they are. What you buy with a raffle is a chance of winning. You probably won't win, but there is a chance that you will. That is a gamble.
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