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How do you make cold rags?

Put wet rag on ice and let it get cold. im not sure if that's what you meant but that's what a cold rag is. cold rags are useful for things like heat related illnesses by plac (MORE)
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How do you use a pine tar rag?

First take pine tar rag out of bag, or shipping material, then open up, its like a towel wrap around selected part of the bat, and rub on, Best to put on with batting gloves (MORE)

What does ragged mean?

the word ragged means something very poor like and not clean (poor looking) Another answer would be that ragged means frayed , rough, or not smooth , as the edge of a worn p (MORE)

Who wrote Maple Leaf Rag?

  It was Scott Joplin who was an African American and he also wrote the Entertainer, Elite Syncopositions and Swipsey. He died on November 24th 1917
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What are ragged schools?

Ragged schools were started in the early 19th century by individuals on a voluntary basis. John Pounds of Portsmouth, a crippled shoemaker is usually seen as the first, though (MORE)

What is rag doll syndrome?

  The correct name for rag doll syndrome is Mythe Asthenia Gravis (MG) it is an autoimmune disease, affects people of all ages. Some of the symptoms are drooping eyelids, (MORE)

Who was Lottie from the rag and the bone shop?

I think she may possiblyy have been Trent's wife. Denfinatly someone who was important to Trent and who lived with him.
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