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Where to buy rag paper?

rag paper is just paper made from cloth instead of trees, you can buy it in most stores that sell paper, even walmart, its called 100% cotton. good luck .

What are ragged schools?

Ragged schools were started in the early 19th century by individuals on a voluntary basis. John Pounds of Portsmouth, a crippled shoemaker is usually seen as the first, though (MORE)

What does ragged mean?

the word ragged means something very poor like and not clean (poor looking) Another answer would be that ragged means frayed , rough, or not smooth , as the edge of a worn p (MORE)
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How do you make your hair curly with rags?

done this many times... so have quite a fair amount of experience... Wash your hair. Then get rid of most of the water so your hair is damp not dripping wet! Either twist or b (MORE)

What is white ragging?

There are several denotations for the term "white ragging". In the hospitality industry the term "white ragging" is used to describe a check for cleanliness of different surfa (MORE)

What is 'rag' in music?

A 'rag' is music played in 'ragtime' - which is defined as music characterized by a syncopated melodic line and regularly accented accompaniment, evolved by black American mus (MORE)

What did the rag man do with the rags he collected?

In many cases the rags were cleaned and used to make paper. High Linen content was used in early paper and one of the primary sources was bleached cloth.
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