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Who is cooler snake or raiden?

In MGS 1 through 3, Solid Snake : He is THE legendary super soldier with a vendetta against all METAL GEAR. While Raiden is just some rookie that has a gender problem and gi (MORE)

What does the raiden mask do?

It doesn't d anything, it's just a novelty.....However, when you wear it in Europe or any other mask instead of Solid Snake that guards will get the "!" but, they won't chase (MORE)
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Did raiden love rose in mgs2?

Yes, he did. It is shown in the game that he loved her deeply; it was his horrible memories of his past and his own self-loathing that kept him from getting too close to her. (MORE)

What happened to Raiden at the end of MGS2?

Sorry to disappoint you but Raiden completely loses his mind. I'll give you some quick history. Sorry for the dates 2009 - Defeats Metal Gear: RAY with the help of Solid Sn (MORE)

Who is raiden?

Raiden is the friend of Solid Snake. He used to be a ninja but after so many fights, he got injured and almost died. Solid Snake and his friends made it so he won't die, and w (MORE)
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What kind of game is Raiden X?

The game "Raiden X" is a popular 2D shooter flash game that is played online. You can play the game on various sites such as Free World Group and Crazy Monkey Games.