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Why do railways have a gap?

contrary to what many people suggest, the gaps are not there for the purpose of allowing expansion and contraction to occur. They exist, because segments of rail have traditio (MORE)
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Why was there an underground railway?

The conditions that the slaves in southern states had to deal with were absolutely inhuman. For freedom and a life, slaves escaped. For more information, I'd recommend looki (MORE)

What was the first railway?

The first steam locomotive prototype was built in 1784 by William Murdoch, who was born in Scotland and worked as an engineer and inventor in Birmingham, England. The prototyp (MORE)

What is a railway?

a railway is a track with engines it can be a mountain railway or just a railway * Added - A railway is a fixed guideway system (vehicles cannot leave the track) and can be (MORE)

How do you get on a railway station?

Trains go on the railway station and there's tracks all over onthe ground. Every train has different railway station. . +++ . Hard to know what you are asking - and to compr (MORE)