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Where is the ships railway?

The proper term is Marine railway. this is a tracked structure on a steep ramp used to launch ships( having been newly built or repaired) into the water on what are called cra (MORE)

Why were railways unpopular?

You don't give a timeframe. In Britain, after about 1955, new investment was chanelled into the roads. A further problem for passengers arose from the astonishing rigidity of (MORE)

What is a railway accident?

A train wreck or train crash is a type of disaster involving one or more trains. Train wrecks often occur as a result of miscommunication, as when a moving train meets ano (MORE)
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When were railways invented?

Rather surprisingly it was in the 6th century BC in Greece - the trucks were pushed by slaves. The railway ran for 1300 years.

What is a railway?

a railway is a track with engines it can be a mountain railway or just a railway * Added - A railway is a fixed guideway system (vehicles cannot leave the track) and can be (MORE)
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How do railways work?

They are put on the ground with equal distance and then trains can ride on them instead of on the ground...

Did railways existed?

Did you know that a form of railways existed even in ancient time? The Babylonians had grooved stone pathways to guide vehicles along as early as 2,000 B.C. The beginnings of (MORE)

Who and when invented the railway?

The first steam locomotive prototype was built in 1784 by William Murdoch, who was born in Scotland and worked as an engineer and inventor in Birmingham, England. The prototyp (MORE)

What industry was the railways in?

With the cooperation of the US Government, railways became a large part of the USA's transportation industry. Railway systems had existed before & after the American Revolutio (MORE)