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What is rain?

Rain is a type of precipitation, a product of the condensation of atmospheric water vapour that is deposited on the earth's surface. It forms when separate drops of water fall (MORE)
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Why do we have rain?

We have rain because of the sun's heat evaporates the water, and  the condensation forms clouds. Then in the right conditions the  tiny condensation droplets coalesce into l (MORE)

Why does it rain?

Water evaporates (as water vapor) from the surface of the earth(sea, rivers, transpiration from plants etc.) and rises into theatmosphere (as clouds). When it condenses from (MORE)

How much rain does Seattle rain?

Seattle gets on average about 37.07 inches of rain per year. The rainy season officially starts on October 1st, and lasts all throughout winter and the beginning of spring.
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Do you fertilize before rain or after it rains?

  Before it rains, if using granular fertilizer, so that it will "melt" into the soil and become available for use by the plant roots.....IF you are using liquid fertilize (MORE)

How do you we get rain?

it comes from the water cycle. the sun heats up some water ( in the sea, a river ect.) and the water evaporates ( the water turns in a gas) and the gas is called water vapor. (MORE)

Why the past tense of rain is rained?

It is rained because rain is a regular verb. This means the past tense is formed by adding -ed.
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