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When will it rain?

It will not rain in any substantial amounts. There are no longer clouds being formed over our oceans here on earth and nobody knows why. It has not rained anywhere on earth in (MORE)

Who is Rain?

Rain is the coolest actor/singer/model/dancer in the universe!   well who ever said this is stupid, bigbang is best of all they are the best in korea!!   Rain is good bu (MORE)

How you get rain?

Well , what happens is our sun evaporates water . The water condenses high up in the clouds . and then boom we have precipitation . There may be rain, hail, snow, or sleet . I (MORE)

How did you get rain?

When water evaporates from the lakes and oceans it goes in the air and eventually forms clouds. When the clouds are full of water it rains and the cycle starts all over again (MORE)

How do you we get rain?

it comes from the water cycle. the sun heats up some water ( in the sea, a river ect.) and the water evaporates ( the water turns in a gas) and the gas is called water vapor. (MORE)

When will in rain?

rain all depends on the water cycle. It takes a long time to explain but look at thisif that doesn't help and you want specifics then look at this This is the best i have
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Why you have rains?

...meron tayong ulan dahil ang ating panahon ay cycle lng ang ibig sabihin wlang katapusan sa cycle.... mron tayong precipitation-ibig sabihin ung naevaporate na gling sa lupa (MORE)
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It is raining?

It is always raining somewhere. You will have to check with your  local, national, or regional weather authorities to find out if  there is rain in your general area.If you (MORE)