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Chauhan are rajputs or mair rajput?

Without any doubt, Chauhans are rajputs/thakurs, or in wide sense 'kshatriya'. Gujjars also have Sub Cast "Chauhan"
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What are rajputs?

The Rajputs (from the Sanskrit word rajaputra ,"son of a king") are a social group of northern India and Gujarat. In the Hindi and Gujarati languages, those belonging to th ( Full Answer )
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Are lodhi rajputs are authentic rajputs?

Yes ,of course, Lodhi are authentic rajput They are worrier by nature & work. The word Lodham first originates in Rigveda (The oldest literature of Sanatan/ Hindu dharma), ( Full Answer )
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Is bhutto is rajput?

bhuttos are arains not rajputs , as benazir bhutto tolds in her interview that her family trace its roots from the arab conquest ( arabs who conquer that region of sub-contine ( Full Answer )
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Malik are rajput?

Malik cast is very old from other casts it start from Arab. Malik are different kinds like as Jat are different kinds so there are some Malik those are Jat, Rajputs, Bhatti, K ( Full Answer )
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Are tanwar rajputs authentic rajputs?

yes,tanwar rajputs are authentic rajputs. they have infact played a very main role in Indian history.... delhi,gwaliar and many more places were ruled by tanwar.
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Are lohtamia rajput are authentic rajput?

yes Lohtamia are authentic rajput. Lohtamia derived from Lawtamia (gotra Bhardwaj ) subbranch of badgurjar one of the rajput 36 kul.Bargurjar is a suryavanshi clan descendant ( Full Answer )
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Is rao rajput is real rajput?

Yes, they are real Rajputs. In Bhishma style, they gave up their rule for the happiness of their younger brothers and took on the role of advising the rulers while fighting al ( Full Answer )
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Are sekarwar rajputs authentic rajputs?

yes very authentic,they are suryavansh kshatriya known as sikarwar,sikriwal,sigriwal and ranks higher and they are equall in status to Parmar,Ujjaini,sisodiya,gadhwal(suryavan ( Full Answer )
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Are rajkumar rajputs are authentic rajput?

Yes... ofcourse, Rajkumars are authentic rajputs..!! They are a branch of the 'Chauhan" rajput clan.... belonging to the 'Agnivansh'. This branch of Chauhan rajputs is found ( Full Answer )