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Why did Ralph Ellison use blindness as a theme in his novel 'Invisible Man'?

Ralph Ellison used blindness as a theme because he wanted to show that people do not want to see certain things, that they have the control to choose if they want to acknowled (MORE)

Ralph ellison a party down at the square summary?

A short story about a young boy witnessing a lynching, ñA Party  Down at the Squareî, is the work of author Ralph Ellison that was  first published in 1997, three year (MORE)

What is the theme of battle royal by Ralph ellison?

racism Edit: I disagree that that's really even a theme of the story, and even if it is, there are far more and more prominent ones in Battle Royal. 1. The theme of Identity a (MORE)
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What is is everything about Chase Ellison?

Chase Ellison was born in Reno, Nevada (September 22, 1993) and now lives with his parents and 2 siblings in San Diego. He began his acting career at the age of six, working i (MORE)

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