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Who is Dr Ralph I. Lipman?

Dr Ralph I. Lipman is a Stress Physiologist who invented the book light in 1951. He did research together with Dr. Matthew N. Levy in how the autonomic nervous system influe (MORE)
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Is ed miliband Jewish?

His own words Do you believe in God? No. He is of Jewish descent (his parents were jewish), but he himself is an atheist. In Britain you choose your religion, it's not impo (MORE)

In Lord of the Flies why is Ralph the chief?

Ralph is the chief because he got voted to be chief by everybody else in chapter 1 Ralph was also elected because he was holding the conch, and the conch is a symbol of author (MORE)

How is Ralph rescued?

Ralph is running away from jack and his tribe and he gets to a clearing where a marine is there observing the out of control fire.  Jack and his crew pop up and they all get (MORE)

How does Ralph feel when he participates in the hunt?

Ralph is caught up in the excitement of the hunt, and the exhilaration of giving in to his savage, uncivilized side.
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Why does Ralph then runaway?

Ralph runs away because of his fear for his life. Jack has just murdered Piggy, teh symbol of reason and logic in this story. Ralph is obviously going to be afraid now that Ja (MORE)
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What are facts about Ralph Bunche?

Ralph Bunche 1. Graduated Valedictorian of his senior high school class at Jefferson High School at Los Angeles 2. Graduated 1927 from University of California also Valedi (MORE)