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Is ed miliband Jewish?

His own words Do you believe in God? No. He is of Jewish descent (his parents were jewish), but he himself is an atheist. In Britain you choose your religion, it's not impo (MORE)

How is Ralph saved in Lord of the Flies?

Ralph was being chased by Jack and the other boys, who were wanting to kill him. As Ralph ran onto the beach he fell. When he looked up there was a naval officer, jack and the (MORE)

What style is Ralph Lauren known for?

He's known for a modern take on the classic button down shirts and khakis for men. Ralph Laurens women clothing is like flannel shirt dresses with boots and sweater dresses. G (MORE)

How is Ralph rescued?

Ralph is running away from jack and his tribe and he gets to a clearing where a marine is there observing the out of control fire.  Jack and his crew pop up and they all get (MORE)

Why does Ralph then runaway?

Ralph runs away because of his fear for his life. Jack has just murdered Piggy, teh symbol of reason and logic in this story. Ralph is obviously going to be afraid now that Ja (MORE)

Who is Ralph schoenman?

Ralph Schoenman is an American left-wing activist who gained some notoriety in the 1960s while acting as the personal secretary of Bertrand Russell, the left-wing philosopher. (MORE)