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Why is RAM memory size important?

RAM size is important because it is required for keeping all  application and program data in your computer system. It provides  enough memory between processes to help you (MORE)

What is cache memory ram?

Cache Memory is small fast memory that stores instructions and data frequently used in processing such that when is required, Processor can quickly fetch data rather than read (MORE)

What is the difference between RAM and memory?

  There is none   Computer memory is called RAM, which is an acronym for Random Access Memory. It's called "random access" because data can be recalled from any memor (MORE)

What is the purpose of RAM and ROM memory?

They are both types of memory. RAM is Random Access Memory, and is used for temporary storage for programs and files. Anything in RAM is lost when the computer is powered down (MORE)

Why is ram volatile memory?

Ram is a volatile memory because it is constructed with flip flops or capacitors mainly which is entirely dependent on power. If power is turned off the flip flop or capacitor (MORE)

Why is RAM referred to as temporary memory?

  well first off its because it is temporary obviously. This is because every time you do something on your computer your processor uses memory to process the action and d (MORE)

Is RAM volatile memory?

Yes it is. Volatile memory is computer memory that requires power  to maintain the stored information; it retains data while powered,  but when power is lost data is immedia (MORE)

Is ram write only memory?

One can read and over-write data in RAM.It allow stored data to be accessed in any order with a worst case performance of constant time.It is volatile types of memory,where it (MORE)