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What is a ramjet?

A ramjet is a type of jet engine which uses the engines forward motion to compress air rather than using a rotary compressor like a standard jet engine. Since ramjets depend o (MORE)
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What does RAM in RAMJet stand for?

The "Ram" in "ramjet" isn't an abbreviation, and doesn't stand for anything. It is called a "Ramjet" because the air is ram med into the engine.
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What is the principle of ramjet?

Compressed air is heavier and richer in oxygen than air underordinary pressure, especially at high altitudes. Jet enginescompress air to make the burning of fuel more efficien (MORE)
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What is the main advantage of scram jet and ramjet engines?

They do not have moving parts (e.g. compressor blades, shaft,turbine blades) needed by turbojet engines, increasing reliability,reducing maintenance costs, and permitting them (MORE)