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Why did Stephen King use pseudonym Richard bachman?

When the rumor came out that King was Bachman, his explanation was that he felt it was necessary to try to see if readers would buy Bachman's books after King's sudden fame. H (MORE)
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Who is Randy Gollay?

His heart is deeper than the ocean. His soul is transfixed to the rotation of the earth. His spirit is tangible...
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Why did Stephen King write under the name RIchard Bachman?

At the beginning of Stephen King's career, the general view among publishers was such that an author was limited to a book every year, since publishing more would not be accep (MORE)

Who is Randy Orton?

Randy Orton (Randall Keith Orton) is a professional WWE wrestler.  He has been wrestling in the WWE since 2003. His nickname is the  Legend Killer because he is known for en (MORE)

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