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What number did Randy Johnson wear with the New York Yankees?

Randy Johnson number 41   Randy Johnson wore uniform number 41 with the New York Yankees during the 2004, and 2005 seasons. He wore uniform number 51 every other year with (MORE)

Who is Randy Johnson?

Randy Johnson is a retired MLB Pitcher. With 4 Cy Young awards, A World Series MVP and Victory, a perfect game, and a no-hitter, he is one of the most decorated pitchers to ev (MORE)

What pitches did Randy Johnson throw?

Randy Johnson had a few pitches. He's most famous for his 4 seam fastball, in his early years it was clocked 100-102 miles per hour. Also he had a split finger fastball, and a (MORE)

Who is Randy Rhodes?

    Randy Rhoads is the guitarist from Quiet Riot till he transferd to Ozzy Osbourne's band. he died in a plane accident 19. march 1982 and was named one of the greate (MORE)
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Are Johnson and Johnson and SC Johnson related?

I think so! No I don't think so. They are two entirely distinct companies. SC Johnson & Son, formerly known as Johnson Wax, was founded and is still based in Racine, Wisco (MORE)

How old is Randy Johnson?

Ex-MLB pitcher Randy D. Johnson is 53 years old (born September 10,  1963).    NFL running back "Duke" Johnson (Randy Johnson Jr.) is 23 years old  (born September 23 (MORE)