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What is the value of a Randy Johnson autographed baseball?

Randy Johnson single signed baseball . A Randy Johnson single signed baseball is worth about $80.-$120. . Value is based on average prices of recently closed auctions. Pri (MORE)

Who is Randy Johnson?

Randy Johnson is a retired MLB Pitcher. With 4 Cy Young awards, A World Series MVP and Victory, a perfect game, and a no-hitter, he is one of the most decorated pitchers to ev (MORE)

How much does Randy Johnson make?

1989- $70,000 by Expos (now Nationals) 1990- $150,000 by Mariners 1991- $350,000 by Mariners 1992- $1,392,500 by Mariners 1993- $2,625,000 by Mariners 1994- $3,275,000 by Mar (MORE)

What pitches did Randy Johnson throw?

Randy Johnson had a few pitches. He's most famous for his 4 seam fastball, in his early years it was clocked 100-102 miles per hour. Also he had a split finger fastball, and a (MORE)

How old is Randy Johnson?

Ex-MLB pitcher Randy D. Johnson is 53 years old (born September 10,  1963).    NFL running back "Duke" Johnson (Randy Johnson Jr.) is 23 years old  (born September 23 (MORE)

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