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What is percentile rank?

The percentile rank of a score is the percentage of scores in its frequency distribution that are lower than it. For example, a test score that is greater than 75% of the sc (MORE)

What is a rank?

a level of incredipility or power ------------------------------------ Someone with a higher position would be consider a Ruling Class Rank, or in this case Rank #1. P (MORE)

What was the rank of a peasant?

The peasant was the lowest class, usually farmers. They were always poor and were barely able to afford basic necessities. The peasants were usually taxed and whatever money w (MORE)

What are the ranks on WikiAnswers?

The Hierarchy of WikiAnswers is as follows: . Senior Community Manager . Community Manager . Community Coordinator . Community Assistant and /Community Advisor Dispute Re (MORE)

What are the ranks in the USMC?

There are either officers or enlisted, the enlisted ranks are: Private (pvt. E1), private 1st class (PFC. E2), Lance Corporal (LCpl. E3), Corporal (Cpl. E4), Sergeant (Sgt. E5 (MORE)
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What are the medic ranks?

The Medical Corps doesn't have any specific rank to them, nor is there any sort of "one size fits all" type of medic. If you're thinking of combat medics, they'll always be en (MORE)
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How do you rank an angel?

Three spheres of three choirs each, each choir having its owntitle. 1. Celestial -Seraphim, constantly sing God's praise, and whose duty it is toregulate the heavens. -Cherubi (MORE)