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What is a rank?

a level of incredipility or power ------------------------------------ Someone with a higher position would be consider a Ruling Class Rank, or in this case Rank #1. P (MORE)
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What is forced ranking?

Forced ranking is a workplace motivational strategy that usesinÊdepth and intense yearly evaluations and then compares themagainst each employee in order to decide advancem (MORE)
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What is the meaning of ranking or to rank?

Spoken rapping, also called toasting. Perhaps called so after The English Beats' Ranking Roger or the Jamaican artist Shabba Ranks.
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What are the ranks in government?

There are 3 ranks in the Canadian Government, one is called the municipal government, the government takes care of in the city. The next one is called the provincial governmen (MORE)
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What rank are knights?

Knights were members of the nobility, the rank within the nobility depending on birth. Occasionally a knight could raise himself through deeds in war or competitions. Many me (MORE)
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What does Oklahoma rank?

It is the 28th most populated state, the 36th most densely populated state, the 20th largest state and it was the 46th state to join the Union. Oklahoma is the 5th largest whe (MORE)
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What is Algeria's rank?

Algeria is the tenth largest country in the world and the largestin Africa and the Arab world. Algeria has the 17th largest oilreserves in the world and the second largest in (MORE)
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What rank is omnimon?

While being a DNAdigivolution between two Mega levels, it is classified as a Mega. Except for three special cases, Mega is a catch all rank for anything past Perfect, the exce (MORE)
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What are crip ranks?

T.G.(Tiny Gangster) O.T.G.(Original Tiny Gangster) B.G.(Baby Gangster) O.B.G.(Original Baby Gangster) O.G.(Original Gangster) O.O.G.(Double O.G.) O.O.O.G.(Triple O.G.)