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Why is Raphael remembered?

  Because most people find his paintings beautiful. His works correspond to the High Renaissance ideas of Beauty, Balance and Harmony.
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Who is raphael adolini?

Raphael Adolini was an Italian born Moroccan raised Barbary pirate. One of the most feared of his day but because of the mysterious disappearance him and his whole crew in the (MORE)

Who was Raphael influenced by?

Raphael was initially influenced by his father Giovanni Santi growing up in his workshop, and then particularly by the man he apprenticed under, Perugino. He diligently copied (MORE)

What did Raphael do?

He was an Italian High Renaissance painter. He painted, portraits and religious subjects. His mural paintings in the Vatican (in the Stanze) are especially famous. He also ma (MORE)

Did Raphael have kids?

Raphael did not have any children and supposedly was not married, but new research shows that he was probably secretly married to his supposed mistress.
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Who did Raphael marry?

Officially he did not marry. But some believe he secretly married his mistress, Margherita Luti.
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Who was Raphaels' wife?

Maria Bibbiena was his fiancée. Some people believe Raphael secretly married his mistress, Margherita Luti.
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Where did Raphael live?

Even though he was born in Urbino, I'm pretty sure he lived in Florence, like all the other rising artists of Renaissance time period. Yes, he did, until 1508, when he moved (MORE)

Why is Raphael famous?

Raphael was a brilliant and accomplished artist who worked for Pope Julius II (among other patrons) because of his talent, he became famous. The beauty of his paintings.