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In Care of Rabbits

Why does rabbits produce rapidly?

because there are so many predators that feed on rabbits. The more that are born, the higher the chance of 'some' surviving.
In Physics

How rapidly does Quartz vibrate?

Quartz vibrates when a voltage is applied between opposite faces of a crystal. The frequency of the vibration depends on the thickness of the crystal, and on the direction ( Full Answer )
In Superman

How does Batman disappear so rapidly?

Batman has "ninja-like" abilities, among which is the ability to fade into the background quickly. It's one of the coolest things about him, and helps enhance his mystique to ( Full Answer )
In Height

You are 19 and how do you increase your height rapidly?

There may be no way at your age. You could take growth hormone if the growth plates on your leg joints were still active. They may well be. You need to see a doctor for this. ( Full Answer )
In Flute

How does a flute articulate notes rapidly?

Sometimes, in order to articulate notes rapidly, one will double tongue the notes. Instead of making a "ta" sound to tongue each note, you can make a "ta-ca" sound for every t ( Full Answer )
In Religion & Spirituality

What religion is rapidly spreading?

One religion that is spreading quickly is Islam. Islam is a religion believed by Muslims.
In War and Military History

What can a tailstrike do to aircraft in rapidly?

Well, as you can a tailstrike could also happen during take off and landing if the pilot does not being really careful. This may cause damages or danger to an aircraft.
In Verbs

Is rapidly a verb?

No. "Rapidly" is an adverb. It describes "how" an action was performed, not what action was performed.