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Is Sabah part of Malaysia?

Sabah and Sarawak is legally not a part of Federal Malaysia based on conditional partnership they agreed when Peninsular Malaysia become Federated in 1963. The 3 major reason (MORE)

Why Malaysia insist the ownership of sabah?

All legal and historical facts and evidence is clear regarding the ownership of Sabah . Although the political government of Sabah is under the Federal government of Malaysia (MORE)

What is the proof that Sabah does not belong to Malaysia?

This is the logical proof that Sabah does not belong to Malaysia - Malaysia has manufacture the Cobbold Commission saying that the people of Sabah has wanted to be under them. (MORE)

How Sabah got its name?

Kinabalu National Park Kinabalu by its name, climbing Mount Kinabalu is Sabah's largest tourist to enjoy.<a href="">dofus kamas</a>
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Malaysia as the owner of Sabah Islands?

Sabah or North Borneo is owned by the Sultanate of Sulu. Sabah was rented by BNBC in 1878 from the Sultan of Sulu and later turned to British Government for administration. wh (MORE)

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How did hasan sabah die?

hasan kamel al sabah was an inventor who invented the electricity. he studied in the American university of beirut and he went to the united states later. he there did and ach (MORE)
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What causes poverty in Sabah?

Poverty is a "relative" term and commonly referred to the material sense, in the case of Sabah. Sabah is actually rich (culture, raw materials, etc). But, because the distribu (MORE)

What was the history of sabah?


Can we know something about Sabah Nuri Al Said the only son of Nuri Al Said Pasha?

Sabah Al-Said was born in Baghdad in the early 1900's to Nuri Pasha Al-Said and Naeema Al Askari. He was the only son of Nuri Pasha. He joined the air force and became a renow (MORE)