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What is a raspberry?

Raspberry (Rubus ideaeus) is a deciduous bush from the Rosaceae family that grows up to 6 ft (2 m) high, with erect and thorny stems, a thin spine and perennial roots. The bus (MORE)

Are there blue raspberries?

Technically specking there are blue raspberries but, sorry to  disappoint you but they're not natural. The only way to "find" blue  raspberries is to put blue food coloring (MORE)

How do you can raspberries?

On the Kraft foods Sure Jell website there is a great recipe for CERTO® Red Raspberry Jam I just made some with my family using this recipe and it worked well. Go to surej (MORE)

What is in a raspberry?

In addition to the explosive taste to your taste buds, raspberries are low in calories and very nutritious! Here is the nutrition for 1 cup of raspberries: 123.00 grams (MORE)

What are raspberry sticks?

Raspberry sticks are usually called raspberry canes and are the main stems of the raspberry plant bearing the fruit.
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When is raspberry season?

It starts mid june, and ends after it snows. Seriously! I have a rasberry bush in my backyard and after school me and my friend pick them. LOL! Hope I helped!

What is a short raspberry?

A short raspberry is more effective than a long one, but whether long or short, this sort of raspberry is rude. You stick out your tongue and blow hard so that your tongue fla (MORE)

Who made raspberries?

Jesus' best friend John Raspberry. John was excluded from the bible because he was a suspect in the mystery of Adam and Eves food poisoning. John Raspberry was the first pione (MORE)