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Who discovered raspberries?

Nobody knows exactly who discovered raspberries.    Allegedly, raspberries were discovered in the 1st century BC by the  Ancient Greeks, who spotted them growing on th (MORE)

What is in a raspberry?

In addition to the explosive taste to your taste buds, raspberries are low in calories and very nutritious! Here is the nutrition for 1 cup of raspberries: 123.00 grams (MORE)

Is a raspberry a herbivore?

No, a raspberry is a berry. Herbivores (such as deer and cattle) eat such things as raspberries and grasses.
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Why do raspberries have fuzz on them?

The raspberries have the fuzz because the fruit actually is the food surrounding a seed. If you look real close a raspberry is a bunch of seeds. Each little seed has a "hook (MORE)

What is a raspberry?

Raspberry (Rubus ideaeus) is a deciduous bush from the Rosaceae family that grows up to 6 ft (2 m) high, with erect and thorny stems, a thin spine and perennial roots. The bus (MORE)

Are there blue raspberries?

Technically specking there are blue raspberries but, sorry to  disappoint you but they're not natural. The only way to "find" blue  raspberries is to put blue food coloring (MORE)

Where do raspberries grow?

raspberries grow in canada Raspberries are grown all over the world, wherever the climate is suitable for them. They like some warmth, but not too hot or dry. In Australia, (MORE)

Are raspberries healthy?

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Were can you get raspberry syrup?

just go look at your local grocery store. You can always ask an employee if they have it. And if not you could ask them if they know what store it would be at.
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What can a raspberry pi do?

A Raspberry Pi can do all that a desktop or laptop computer can do.  Though, it does have limitations due to its lower specifications.  So you must keep this in mind and not (MORE)