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Why do rastas say jah rastafari?

the Rasta's say jah Rastafarian which simply means Eternal God Selassie I. why they say Selassie is because they believe that Selassie whose full name is "Haile Selassie" is (MORE)

What was the Hippie Movement?

 The hippie movement was not as much about having long hair, as it was about the attitude, and not trusting the government. It was during the Vietnam war, when mostly poor A (MORE)
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In Bennett movement there is movement of which condyle?

the movement of mandible toward lateral causes movement in both right and left condyles. For example, if one moves one's mandible (lower jaw) toward right, the right conlye mo (MORE)

Who is Jahovia Rastafari?

Jahovia is an obscure spelling of Jehova, the English translation for the Biblical name of God (YHWH, or Yahweh). Ras Tafari, later coronated as Emperor Hailie Selassie I of E (MORE)

What was the abolitionist movement?

This was a movement to abolish slavery on the US. The slave states  had become dependent on slave labor long before the United States  was formed. The right to retain slaves (MORE)

Where does Rastafari originate from?

  The Rastafarian movement was originated in Jamaica in 1930. this was when the crowning news of Rastafari (Halie Selassie) as king of Ethiopia.this attracted the attentio (MORE)

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