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What is raster scan?

Displaying or capturing a video image line by line. Computer monitors and TVs use this method whereby electrons are beamed (scanned) onto the phosphor coating on the screen a (MORE)
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What is a raster circuit?

A raster is the trace of the electron beam in a TV tube that makes up the image. It starts at the top left of the screen, and draws a line to the right, then returns to the le (MORE)
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What is raster graphics?

It is a pixel based graphic, so when you save the file memory for every pixel colour is remembered. Usually this is the main type of graphic format, bmp, jpeg etc.. It is a p (MORE)
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What is a raster image?

The most informative I could find on raster images is at the related link below.
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What is raster printing?

Raster printing refers to the method of printing which uses theraster image processor. The raster printing usually produces araster image called a bitmap.
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What is a raster device?

Common examples of raster devices are computer monitors (e.g. cathode ray tube, LCD). The term "raster device" means a device that is composed of discrete image samples or pix (MORE)
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What is rasterization?

Rasterisation is the progressive scanning of an image in a line by line fashion. TV and computer displays are scanned left to right line by line and so are raster displays. V (MORE)
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What is rasterizing?

Rasterizing is the process of changing the image representaiton from vector-based to raster-based. The name comes from the fact that the curves are drawn in a virtual space an (MORE)
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What is a raster and vector?

Raster In Geographic Information Systems, a grid square Raster data are spatial data expressed as a matrix of cells, with spatial order indicated in the ordering of the cel (MORE)
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What is raster graphic?

Raster graphics is a display technology where the image is drawn(usually) from the top right of the screen area in horizontal linesuntil it appears at the bottom left corner o (MORE)