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What are the requirements to create an agency by ratification?

1. The agent must purport to act as agent for a principal who is in contemplation and is identifiable at the time of contract.   2. The principal must be in existence at (MORE)

What effects did the federalist publication have on ratification?

The Federalist effected the ratification because it gave an in-depth analysis and an explanation of Constitutional provisions, such as the separation of powers and the limits (MORE)

What is a sentence using the word ratification?

We had to get ratification from the city before a new playground could be built. Amendments to the US Constitution require ratification by the individual states.
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What arguments did the Federalists use for ratification?

Federalists favored a strong national government with supreme power over state governments. Leaving too much power in the hands of the states would only create another confede (MORE)

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What were some reasons for the ratification of the constitution?

1.One reason was "life,liberty,and the pursuit of happiness" 2.Another was so we would have basic rights such as "religion,speech,press,and the right to assemble." 3.Anoth (MORE)

Why did the federalists support the ratification of the constitution?

Because the new constitution would give the cenral government more power than it did under the articles of confederation, also because the federalist wanted a government wih m (MORE)

What were Federalist reasons for supporting ratification?

The federalists supported ratification because they believed the US  Constitution, by creating a stronger federal government, would be  able to deal with many of the nation' (MORE)