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How did Ravana trick Rama and take Sita away?

Raavana sent one of its demons named Maaricha who appeared as a golden deer and came to the attention of Sita. Then she requested Rama to fetch the deer and bring the same to (MORE)

Is Ravana a Hindu God?

Ravana was the King of SriLanka. He was a great Vedic Scholar but since he kidnapped Sita because of the insult of his sister by Lakshmana, he is disrespected and condemned. (MORE)

War between ram and ravana is real?

  Yes, The war between Ram and Ravan is real. Proof: The bridge between India and Lanka, called Ram's Bridge.
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Who is Ravana in the story of Rama Sita?

Ravan was the king of Lanka, who abducts Sita while Ram and Sita were in exile for 14 years. Ram kills Ravan and rescues Sita and returns to his Kingdom with his brother Laxma (MORE)

How does Rama finally kill ravana?

Ram's army had build a huge bridge between Lanka and the mainland. They crossed the ocean and attacked Ravana's army. During the battle, Lakshmana was heavily wounded, but he (MORE)
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What was first name of ravana?

Ravana is the first name of the king that ruled in the country of Sri Lanka from the years of 2554 BC to 2517 BC. Ravana was known by many names, but the most popular was King (MORE)