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Who is ravana?

Ravana was the king of Srilanka in Ramayana time, who abdcuted Sita (wife of Rama) and finally got kiiled by Rama

How does Rama finally kill ravana?

Ram's army had build a huge bridge between Lanka and the mainland. They crossed the ocean and attacked Ravana's army. During the battle, Lakshmana was heavily wounded, but he (MORE)

Why does ram want to kill ravana?

Because he kidnapped/abducted Rama's beloved wife Sita. Rama tried in peaceful ways to get his wife but when all efforts fail, he enters into a war with Ravana.

Is Ravana a Hindu God?

Ravana was the King of SriLanka. He was a great Vedic Scholar but since he kidnapped Sita because of the insult of his sister by Lakshmana, he is disrespected and condemned. (MORE)

Who succeeded ravana?

After the death of King.Ravanasura, as there were no sons of him surviving, because all died in the battle, God Rama though won his kingdom of Lanka, he made Ravana's brother (MORE)

Why is Ravana a demon?

Ravana was a demon because of his evil desire of marrying Sita the wife of Rama. His lust for women was so wild that he kidnapped many young women and kept them prisoners and (MORE)

Who in the Hindu religion is Ravana?

In the Hindu religion, Ravana is the antagonist of the Hindu epic Ramayana. You can learn more about Ravana online at the Wikipedia. Once on the page, type "Ravana" into the s (MORE)