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What is Chavez Ravine?

Chavez-Ravine is the area in and around which Dodger Stadium is located. It is a big hill in a sort it includes the Stadium, an arboretrum (a tree museum basically, showing ra (MORE)

What is a ravine?

A ravine is deep gorge or hollow in the land that is usually created by the eroding effects of a stream, or river. Generally this areas are abundant because of the past supply (MORE)

What is ravin?

Ravin is the seizure or capture of something to be used as prey(food). So when a snake captures a frog for dinner it has ravin thefrog.

What is a deep ravine?

If you are referring to the crossword clue it may depend on what letters you have available. Try using one of the following: . Abyss . Gorge . Chasm . Canyon . Gulch
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Is ravine a verb?

No. A ravine, a deep gorge usually with steep sides, is a thing or a place, therefore it is a noun. A verb is a word that describes an action ( run, walk, etc ), a state of (MORE)
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Is a ravine a valley?

No. It is regarded as being smaller than a valley, as it is usually a very narrow channel compared to a valley. It is more commonly created by water, whereas valleys are often (MORE)