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What is the latitude of Rawalpindi?

The city of Rawalpindi (in Punjab, Pakistan) has the geographic location 33°36' N, 73°02' E (the city contains the airport for the Pakistani capital of Islamabad which is ju (MORE)

Which are the top colleges in Rawalpindi?

Hi , Actually , every college have something good in it .. but some of the best colleges are: 1)Fauji Foundation 2) PCIT 3)Sir Syed college 4) Roots school system 5) Saint (MORE)

What is the flight time from rawalpindi to Karachi?

The distance between the above two places is 720 miles. This is an approximate direct distance. Also this distance might change if a different flight route is chosen.
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In what country is Rawalpindi located?

Rawalpindi is located in the Pothohar region of Pakistan. It is the fourth largest city in Pakistan and is close to the country's capital city of Islamabad.
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