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LLB result of Al-mizan law college rawalpindi?

Supreme Court of Pakistan in its decision of August 2011 has declared Al-Mizan Law college as a not recognized study institution for Pakistan Bar Council and has passed the de (MORE)

What is the latitude of Rawalpindi?

The city of Rawalpindi (in Punjab, Pakistan) has the geographic location 33°36' N, 73°02' E (the city contains the airport for the Pakistani capital of Islamabad which is ju (MORE)

Cot code of national bank of Pakistan ghq branch rawalpindi Pakistan?

To the Manager NBP GHQ Branch Rawalpindi Sir, My Account No. 7364-1 ( Salary) is in your bank. I dray salary loan. All instalment will be paid (on atomaticaly deduction) last (MORE)

Which are the top colleges in Rawalpindi?

Hi , Actually , every college have something good in it .. but some of the best colleges are: 1)Fauji Foundation 2) PCIT 3)Sir Syed college 4) Roots school system 5) Saint (MORE)