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How did ray charles GET PAID?

He was paid with single dollar bills because he felt that he was getting cheated in his pay. He demanded to be payed in singles in order to eliminate the possibility of being (MORE)

How did Ray Charles die?

Ray Charles died of Hepatocellular carcinoma (liver cancer) at his home in Beverly Hills at 11:35am on June 10, 2004. By his side were friends and long time girlfriend Norma P (MORE)
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What was Ray Charles' wife's name?

Ray Charles was married twice. His first wife was named Eileen Williams. The couple were married from July 31, 1951 to 1952. Charles' second wife, Della Beatrice Howard Robins (MORE)

How did Ray Charles impact society?

He showed us that blind or disabled people could do anything like regular people. Also that he was loved so much and many people respected him. He overcame so much criticism, (MORE)

What did ray Charles do?

Ray Charles was a successful recording star who had many hits, including "Hit the Road Jack," "What'd I Say," and "Georgia on my Mind." Although he was blind, he became well-r (MORE)

What does Ray Charles do?

Ray Charles is now dead, but during his long career, he was a famous jazz, rhythm & blues, and pop music singer who had many hit songs; despite being blind, he became well-kno (MORE)

Who is Ray Charles?

Answer   Ray Charles was a very famous black blind jazz pianist.   see
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What type of voice did ray Charles have?

Ray Charles voice does not fit any 'classical' voice type. The best  way I could describe his voice is as a baritenor. He had the tone  and richness of a baritone but lacked (MORE)