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Who was Raymond Burr?

Raymond Burr was an actor best known as the lead in the long-running TV series' "Perry Mason" and "A man called Ironside." He was married briefly, reportedly with a son. He di (MORE)

Does Raymond Burr have a leg disability?

reportedly at age 15, he was bitten in the leg by a rattlesnake. this caused a lifelong problem with the leg were it was twisted inwards compared to the other leg causing him (MORE)

Was Aaron Burr a Freemason?

According to Masonic Tradition passed down through the lessons of  the Scottish Rite   32-33 Degree Honorary Brotherhood of Free Masons   I will pass on according to (MORE)

What is burr haircut?

a burr haircut is a haircut where th hair is cut with a #1.5 blade. the hair is typically one eigth of an inch in length or shorter. it is similar to the military induction cu (MORE)

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How old is Raymond Burr?

Raymond Burr was born on May 21, 1917 and died on September 12, 1993. Raymond Burr would have been 76 years old at the time of death or 98 years old today.
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Did Raymond Burr of Ironsides get married?

While Raymond Burr married Isabella Ward, he was actually a closet  homosexual man. Nearer to the date of his death, his homosexuality  became more well known. His partner w (MORE)