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Who is camille rayon?

camille rayon is a french resisitance hero who along with general de gaulle fought German occupation.restaurateur after war in antibes , frenc riviera , he had the flait to un (MORE)

Is rayon expensive?

Rayon is more expensive than some other materials. You will pay  roughly 50 dollars in the United States for a shirt made of Rayon.
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Disadvantages of rayon?

Disadvantages of Rayon: - expensive - stronger dry than wet -creeping fiber (takes in moisture and stretches) -usually dry clean only -shrinks -non-thermoplastic - burns easil (MORE)

Who invented rayon?

  It was Georges Audemars who came up with this "artificial silk" in 1855. A link can be found below to check facts and learn more.
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Were does rayon come from?

Rayon is a regenerated cellulose that is made up of wood pulp. It commonly is made from trees such as Spruce, Pine, Beech, and Eucalyptus.
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Is rayon flammable?

Yes. Very much so. Do not stand near hot surfaces such as an airtight stove or baseboard heaters. Rayon will heat up and can turn into flame very quickly. I learned that the h (MORE)
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Why is Rayon in tampon?

Rayon is used in tampons because it is a very cheap material - it's  produced from paper pulp and is highly absorbent so very little raw  material is needed to make the fina (MORE)

Does rayon shrink?

Some rayon will shrink when washed, and some types also bleed onto the clothes they are washed with. Be sure to check the washing instructions printed on the label of the garm (MORE)
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What are the examples of rayon?

Rayon is used to make carpets.   to make curtains,bedsheets,cushin covers,etc   used to make sports wear,slacks,stockins,tablecloths   to make surgical bandages  (MORE)
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Where is rayon produced?

Rayon is produced in England, India, Pakistan (Rayon is Pakistan's 2nd largest export), USA, UAE and many more.