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Who is camille rayon?

camille rayon is a french resisitance hero who along with general de gaulle fought German occupation.restaurateur after war in antibes , frenc riviera , he had the flait to un (MORE)

When was rayon discovered?

Rayon is a manufactured fabric. It was created as a less expensive  alternative to silk. The first production dates to 1855, but it was  impractical and highly flammable. Ra (MORE)
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When was rayon found?

Count Hilaire de Chardonnet made the first man made fibers from  nitrocellulose, which later became rayon, In 1884. He came to be  regarded as the Father of Rayon.

What are the properties of rayon?

1)it absorbs sweat.rayon clothes are therefore preferred over other synthetic fibers in summer. 2)it is shiny and lustrous and resembles silk in appearance.
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What is the composition of rayon?

Rayon, artificial textile material, composed of cellulose obtained from cotton linters or from the pulp of trees such as spruce. Since the introduction of rayon about 1900, it (MORE)
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Were does rayon come from?

Rayon is a regenerated cellulose that is made up of wood pulp. It commonly is made from trees such as Spruce, Pine, Beech, and Eucalyptus.
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Does rayon shrink?

Some rayon will shrink when washed, and some types also bleed onto the clothes they are washed with. Be sure to check the washing instructions printed on the label of the garm (MORE)
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How does rayon feel?

Online it was described as a cheaper version of silk, so it probably has a silky feel.

How do you care for rayon?

Rayon has a low wet strength. Thus the fabric may shrink or stretch when wet. Dry cleaning is recommended. When hand washing, do not wring, use towel to take out moisture and (MORE)
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Where is rayon produced?

Rayon is produced in England, India, Pakistan (Rayon is Pakistan's 2nd largest export), USA, UAE and many more.