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What does raze mean?

Raze means to tear down, destroy, flatten out, or sweep away. Raze: This is the First Skill of Nevermore in Dota.
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What are the cheat for the game RAZE?

i'm sorry my friend but there is no cheats for raze.if there is,i don't know it.but lots of people uses hacked versions of the game if you want to play the game ea ( Full Answer )
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Is there a Raze 2?

Yes, actually! The sequel to Raze (and also Raze itself) is on Go check it out, you'll love it; it has a new campaign and SO MANY MORE WEAPONS.
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Raze how to beat level 7?

With the help of Sgt. Johnson kill all the aliens. Reach 20 kills to complete the level.
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Is raze a multiplayer game?

No, it is not . it is just made up names from the game developers. that is why the comments above your characters head sound like things that a real gamer would say. and they ( Full Answer )
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What games are like raze?

plasma burst is like it but way better graphics and if u play it hacked you get unlimited money
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Do you play raze with other people?

yes, you do play with real players. But some of the players are computer. It says possible online. If you cant find anyone online... you play the computer.
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What is the opposite of raze?

The opposite of raze (knock down) could be build or construct. The opposite action regarding a damaged building is to repair rather than raze.
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How do you beat level 5 on raze?

Get the grenade launcher and go right into their forces, or railguneach guy twice, (headshots), from a distance.
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How do you delete raze game profile?

On a PC, search Raze on your computer (include hidden and system files). Delete any files that come up that say Raze on it. On a Mac, I don't know.