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Is Razia a pretty name for a girl?

Every single person has a different taste for different things for different names. And every single person SHOULD pick their own names. Im not judging you but the opposite. D (MORE)

Why Razia should have not be a ruler?

Being the first female monarch of the Delhi Sultanate, Razia Sultan has been the subject of many legends. A piece of historical fiction entitled 'Razia: Queen of India' based (MORE)

What problems did razia sultana face?

*she was the first Muslim ruler thus she was not accepted as aruler because that time Muslim woman were not allowed to go out of the house. *the ministers of her court became (MORE)

When did razia sultana die?

Sultan Raziyya was defeated by her half-brother Muiz ud din Bahram and compelled to retreat. When Sultan Raziyya and her husband Altunia reached Kaithal, their troops abandone (MORE)

Who was razia sultana in the history of Islam?

Razia Sultana was a brave Queen of India. She was the daughter of  Sultan Altutmish, it should be noted however that she had little to  do with the history of Islam
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