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What is an RCA plug?

  The RCA plug, RCA connector or "phono plug" is a standard audio connector used by most manufacturers for most equipments over the last several decades. Wikipedia has a p (MORE)

What is Bizet Carmen RCA records LM-6102?

This is a boxed 1956 3-record studio recording of Bizet's Carmen,  with Rise Stevens, Jan Peerce, Licia Albanese, Robert Merrill,  Fritz Reiner conducting the RCA Victor orc (MORE)

What is a rca connector?

An RCA connector is a connector developed by the company RCA. Hints the name. Anyway it is a simple connector that has an outer sleeve and a prong in the middle. You see these (MORE)
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What is an rca adapter?

There are TWO answers to this question. First answer: for the RCA 45 rpm single, a vinyl disk recording made popular in the 50's by RCA, a plastic insert was needed to fill th (MORE)

What is a RCA preout?

  RCA pre-outs enable you to easily expand your sound system. You can significantly improve your in-car sound quality by connecting extra amplifiers to your headunit, fo (MORE)

RCA stand for?

RCA is an electronics company, just like Sony or Toshiba. (RCA stands for "Radio Corporation of America.") RCA formed in 1919 and was in existence until 1986. Currently the tr (MORE)

When was RCA founded?

rca means radio corporation of America it was founded in 1919 it was taken over by General electric co. in 1986 its most notable projects were the infamous gramaphone, Rca pho (MORE)

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