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What is an RCA plug?

  The RCA plug, RCA connector or "phono plug" is a standard audio connector used by most manufacturers for most equipments over the last several decades. Wikipedia has a p (MORE)

What is Bizet Carmen RCA records LM-6102?

This is a boxed 1956 3-record studio recording of Bizet's Carmen,  with Rise Stevens, Jan Peerce, Licia Albanese, Robert Merrill,  Fritz Reiner conducting the RCA Victor orc (MORE)

Who manufactures RCA LCD televisions?

RCA TV is currently a licensed brand managed by ON Corp who manufactures LED TV's in China under the RCA brand. The actual manufacturing is reportedly By TCL of China the wo (MORE)

Your VGA to RCA cord will not work?

This is one of the most common problems in terms of PC to TV hook-up. People will buy this VGA to RCA cable to connect their computer to their TV but the VGA signal is foreign (MORE)

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What is a RCA preout?

  RCA pre-outs enable you to easily expand your sound system. You can significantly improve your in-car sound quality by connecting extra amplifiers to your headunit, fo (MORE)
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How do you adapt vga to rca?

First off, RCA can do two different types of video signal: composite (the standard definition yellow RCA) and component (the high definition 3 x RCA colored red, green, and bl (MORE)

When was RCA founded?

rca means radio corporation of America it was founded in 1919 it was taken over by General electric co. in 1986 its most notable projects were the infamous gramaphone, Rca pho (MORE)

How do you repair a RCA d52w19 TV?

It all depends on whats wrong with. If it's complicated it's best to just take it to a certified repair-man. If you break it while trying to fix it it really your problem.
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