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Is potassium reactive?

Potassium is the highly reactive towered water , oxygen and halogens, because it has only one electron in it's outer shell and its ionization potential is very low.
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What elements are not reactive?

All of the elements in Group 18(0) - Inert Gases (exc. Radon) are highly unreactive. The Inert Gases are situated on the far right hand side of the Periodic Table. The element (MORE)

Are metalloids reactive?

Yes they are, but however, they do not react at the same intensity  and enthusiasm. Metalloids and be both nonmetals or metals.
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Why reactive power is named as reactive?

Actually reactive power is a power which flows in between load to source which is a reactive action of the power given from source to load.the given power to load will not be (MORE)
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How reactive is iridium?

Iridium is the least reactive material and also has a very high melting point. It can however react with Aqua Regia sometimes and at very high temperatures it reacts with Oxy (MORE)

Is krypton reactive or non reactive?

Krypton is a noble gas, so it and the other noble gases are totally inert (meaning completely nonreactive), so you can probably throw (almost) anything at it without it reacti (MORE)

Is Ne reactive?

Neon is a noble gas, a nonreactive chemical element. Only some unstable compounds are known. .
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