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What are reactive meatals?

Metallic character of an element is determined by its ease to lose  electrons that is the force of attraction put on the shells by the  nucleus should be less. Therefore ele (MORE)

Is krypton reactive or non reactive?

Krypton is a noble gas, so it and the other noble gases are totally inert (meaning completely nonreactive), so you can probably throw (almost) anything at it without it reacti (MORE)

What is the Reactivity league?

the reactivity league in the group stages of a compotition, teams are ranked on points for matches won and drawn. Teams that are equal on points are put in order of goal diffr (MORE)
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What is a reactive question?

Often referred to as a leading question, a reactive question is one  that encourages the responder to choose a particular response  because the question indicated that the r (MORE)

Why reactive power is named as reactive?

Actually reactive power is a power which flows in between load to source which is a reactive action of the power given from source to load.the given power to load will not be (MORE)

Is phosphorus reactive or non reactive?

The phosphorus ion P- is highly reactive. In fact, the high bond energy is what powers almost all cellular activity. (See Adenosine TriPhosphate, commonly called ATP.) Pho (MORE)