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What is Reactive Silica?

Answer . Dear Sirs/madum How to remove silica from R O Plant feed water. Kindly advice. Regards. Arunoli
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Is argon reactive?

No, argon (Ar) is stable, inert and unreactive. The reason is thatAr is a noble gas and has the octet structure so there is notendency to gain nor lose electrons. As can be se (MORE)

Is mercury reactive or non-reactive?

\n. \nAs mercury is below hydrogen in the reactivity series of metals,it is not reactive..\nbut if u mix it with oxygen it blows up and makes a big BOOOOOOOOM!

Is krypton reactive or non reactive?

Krypton is a noble gas, so it and the other noble gases are totally inert (meaning completely nonreactive), so you can probably throw (almost) anything at it without it reacti (MORE)
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Why is argon not reactive?

It has a octet electronic configuration, which means the valence electrons (the outermost shells) are 8. So, they rarely can react as a electronic shell can hold up to 8 ele (MORE)

Why reactive power is named as reactive?

Actually reactive power is a power which flows in between load to source which is a reactive action of the power given from source to load.the given power to load will not be (MORE)

Is phosphorus reactive or non reactive?

The phosphorus ion P- is highly reactive. In fact, the high bond energy is what powers almost all cellular activity. (See Adenosine TriPhosphate, commonly called ATP.) P (MORE)