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Does Jon Bencher work for Readers Digest?

No, Jon Bencher does not work for readers digest. It is part of a sweepstakes fraud. I found out because i received a letter from readers digest from Jon bencher saying i won (MORE)

How do you cancel Readers Digest Select Editions?

Call reader's digest's customer service at (800) 304-2807 to cancel the select editions. I just did it, it was smooth and easy. Thanks to this website, http://www.consumeraf (MORE)

What is readers digest phone number?

  You can contact Reader's Digest Customer Service by calling 1 (800) 304-2807. Our Customer Service call center is open Monday through Friday 8am to 11pm and Saturday 8 (MORE)

How much is a Readers Digest from 1963 worth?

Go to your local paper recycling plant and ask them what their rate is for recyclable paper. That will be about right. Now, if the question is could you sell it for more tha (MORE)

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How much is my old readers digest worth?

Very little. Most charity shops in the UK have many Reader's Digest  magazines and books for sale at very low price.
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