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Why do you read?

What kind of a question is that, I'm not criticising here but reading is extremely important. It's a fantastic way to gain alot of knowledge.. And let me tell you, there are (MORE)

How can you read?

\nReading is fun when you know how to do it. First to read you have to learn the alphabet. Then when you start seeing words you can sound out the letters in the word and then (MORE)

How can no how to read?

English is a difficult language to learn. Reading anything can help you to learn English words. For example, you can practice reading road signs, restaurant menus, bus sche (MORE)
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When do you read a will?

Only after the person who wrote it has died. otherwise, you should not read it unless the author wishes you to do so.
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When does the will get read?

you read a will when someone dies. Contrary to what you see in movies and TV, there is seldom any sort of a formal will reading. The will is submitted to the probate court (MORE)

What do you get out of reading?

Absolute self-indulgence. It's much like watching a movie or something with the headphones tunes out the rest of the world with escapism. Unlike a movie, what's happen (MORE)
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After the reading of the will?

There is no requirement for a reading of the will, so what happens afterwards is moot.

How do you get it to read to me?

Ask it nicely and if that doesn't work demand it reads to you and finally if that doesn't work punch it in the head with your left hand and another with your right hand and it (MORE)