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Is read a noun?

Read is most often a verb but is sometimes used as a noun. Examples: Verb: We have to read four chapters for homework. I have read those chapters already. Noun: If you lik (MORE)
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How to read a graph?

A graph has two axes, the one running top to bottom (vertical or y axis) and one running right to left (horizontal or x axis). You can run your finger up the y axis to the poi (MORE)

Does the phone company read my text messages?

what they do is they store them for a certain amount of time (don't know the time) and they send them all through a filter, and if anything comes up from there, they might rea (MORE)

What does IT companies do?

  Answer   There are different types of IT (Information Technology) companies. Some deal in IT (computers, networks, hardware and software) sales and service, install (MORE)
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What is scanning in reading?

Scanning is reading through a text ,paying particular attention, memorizing the what is needed with a particular purpose.

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What is a company?

  A group of people who come together to discuss about things or just have fun. A company is also like "The hershey company" etc. there are alot of different type of compa (MORE)

How do you concentrate on reading?

You concentrate on reading by blocking out all noises, and things that will distract you!Get comfortable with a book that you'd like to read. Don't choose a book that will bor (MORE)

Read from you or read to you?

There are advantages to both being read to from someone, or reading  to someone. When someone is being read to, they get to listen and  learn. By having someone read to anot (MORE)

What is the definition of read and read?

well they are both spelled the same. but one of the them is the past tense of read and the other one is the regular verb. if you are going say it in a paper. describe it and t (MORE)

Is mind reading spelled mind reading or mind-reading?

Although there are rules about hyphenation, these words can be found with and without hyphens. The main purpose of hyphens is to glue words together. They notify the reader th (MORE)