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What was the reaganomics?

Reagonomics was the economic policy that the Reagan administrationsupported. Reagonomics was known for supply side economics, ortrickle-down economics, which lowered taxes and ( Full Answer )
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What was Reaganomics?

Reaganomics was the term given to the economic policies under theadministration of President Ronald Reagan, who served as the 40thPresident, from 1981 to 1989. The plan was t ( Full Answer )
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What is the significance of Reaganomics?

Reagnomics redefined the way we look at the government and its policies today. We learned a lot about economic policies. It made business easier and increase supply and demand ( Full Answer )
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What did Reaganomics do?

The policy of Reaganomics was based on "supply side" economics(which is often criticized as the "trickle down" strategy) to buildeconomic growth. President Ronald Reagan champ ( Full Answer )
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What were three goals of the reaganomics?

The three goals of Reaganomics were to lower taxes, higher defense spending, and curtailed spending for social surfaces. Reagan's plan to help the economy.
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A major component of Reaganomics was the idea that?

Wealth will "trickle down" from the top earners to the rest of thepeople. Additionally, Reaganomics was known as "Voodoo economics"as it expected some sort of magical force to ( Full Answer )
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How did reaganomics effect social composition?

When President Ronald Reagan came into office inflation washovering around 21%, which means that the cost of goods wasinflated by around 21%. An item that cost $1.00 in 1978 w ( Full Answer )
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What are some of the policies of Reaganomics?

There are many policies that revolve around Reagonomics. One of the basic principles is trickle down economics. This is the idea when there is more money at the top, the mon ( Full Answer )
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What is the feature of Reaganomics?

The primary feature of Reaganomics is that you probably know what'sgood for you better than some politician does. So you should spendyour own money for things that YOU think y ( Full Answer )
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What were the results of reaganomics?

President Reagan was a great promoter of 'supply-sideeconomics", a theory that held that four central policies: Lowermarginal tax rates, less regulation, restrained government ( Full Answer )