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What is the role of a real estate broker?

Real estate brokers provide helpful advice on many areas of home  buying. They may serve the interests of the seller. The most common  practice is for the seller to hire the (MORE)

What is co-broker in real estate?

In most cases, a co-broker works with the listing brokerage to help sell the property. The co-broker (or selling broker as they are commonly referred) will usually bring the b (MORE)

What is the difference between a real estate agent and a real estate broker?

Most states require real estate sales professionals to be licensed by the state, so that they can control education and experience requirements and have a central authority to (MORE)

What do commercial real estate brokers do?

Commercial real estate brokers played vital  role in buying and selling commercial properties. They will spend  time working with a commercial real estate appraiser, researc (MORE)

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