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How many birds live underground?

No bird stays underground the whole time, but many nest there,  including puffins, manx shearwaters, and some other seabirds, and  the oilbird of South America.
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What is the weather underground?

The Weather Underground Organization, was an American radical left organization founded in 1969 by William Ayers and members who split from the Students for a Democratic Socie (MORE)

What is the French underground?

In WW2 the French Underground formed resistance groups opposed to the Nazi occupation of France . The Maquis were resistance groups primarily located in rural areas . Both wer (MORE)
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What is underground?

Utilities like electrical equipment, telephone, cable tv and computer lines, fire/burglar alarms, emergency services, government services, transportation like auto, rail etc. (MORE)

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What is an underground storey?

A storey of a building that is underground is often called a basement or basement level.   In terms of buildings, there is a recent one of a section of dis-used and abandon (MORE)

Why is there an underground railroad?

There was an Underground Railroad to help enslaved African Americans get to the North where they could be free. It was a system on abolitionists (people who were against slave (MORE)
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What is the temperature underground?

The materials you use to find the temperature for underground are 2 thermometers, cardboard 20cm x 30cm, and a spoon. Step 1. dig a hole. Step 2. put one thermometer in the h (MORE)

What was the Underground Railroad and what did it do?

The Underground Railroad was neither underground nor was it a railroad. It was a secret route which was used by white and black abolitionists to free slaves. The abolitionists (MORE)

What flows underground?

Lava, groundwater, sometimes minerals that have been melted and  which flow into crevices. Depends on where and how far underground.
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