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How far underground is the London underground?

  221 feet is the greatest depth..... below are some figures to give you an idea of what depths (literally) they had to go to:   Maximum depth below mean sea level No (MORE)

What was the Underground Railroad?

The underground railroad was an informal network of people who,although in violation of the "Fugitive Slave Act" helped escapedslaves reach freedom in Northern States or Canad (MORE)

What is Latin for 'underground'?

  There are a few different possibilities: Latin Dictionary; Charlton Lewis & Charles Short   Favisae Hypogeus Infernus Inferus Sirus Subsolaneus Subterrane (MORE)
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What was the underground railraod?

The Underground Railroad, a vast network of people who helped fugitive slaves escape to the North and to Canada, was not run by any single organization or person. Rather, it c (MORE)

Was the underground railroad really underground?

Although a few parts of the network involved tunnels or underground hiding places, most of the "underground railroad" consisted of houses and farms of anti-slavery Southerners (MORE)
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What is underground?

Utilities like electrical equipment, telephone, cable tv and computer lines, fire/burglar alarms, emergency services, government services, transportation like auto, rail etc. (MORE)

What is underground condominium?

If you separate the two words, this is what you'll discover: condominium -- a form of real estate ownership under which individual owners share ownership with all other owner (MORE)

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What is an underground condominium?

In all probability, this is a community that exists in a structure built or converted from another use, that exists below the surface of the land. It's also possible that it' (MORE)