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What is racial realism?

Answer . Racial realism is a term used for either of two directly opposed positions, both motivated by the durability and social importance of racial distinctions: * The v ( Full Answer )
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What is realism?

Realism is accepting the physical reality over romantic ideals.Realism is when a person has to accepted something. Somethingrealism comes at an odd moment.
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What is educational realism?

In general terms, 'educational realism' denotes a practical,application-centered approach (rather than 'theoretical' or'ideal') to educating students. While particular instanc ( Full Answer )
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What is the opposite of realism?

The opposite of realism is falseness, fantasy, or fakery. As itpertains to art, the opposite of realism is nonrepresentational artor abstract art.
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What is High Realism?

Realism and its close relatives, Naturalism and Illusionism, have all been important aspects in the development of painting in North America. During the formative periods of U ( Full Answer )
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Why is realism important?

i believe that realism is a part of philosophy because it is animportant aspect of all action. it is something that ouccurseveryday.
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What is realism and examples of realism?

Realism can be defined as the situation where countries seek tocontrol power through forceful means. It can also be defined as theprocess by which states can do what ever they ( Full Answer )
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What is chaucer realism?

Literature is the mirror of its age. Supreme literary artist is one who becomes a mouthpiece and provides a real picture of his age with its minute details. Chaucer is a perfe ( Full Answer )
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What is Prophetic Realism?

There are four main groupings of belief when it comes to Bible prophecy, Futurism, Preterism, Historicism and Prophetic Realism. The smallest group in this classification sche ( Full Answer )
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What is New Realism?

New Realism, also referred to as Nouveau rŽalisme, was an artistic movement founded by Yves Klein and Pierre Restany in 1960. This artistic movement ended in 1970.