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What is reality?

This question is the fundamental question of the philosophical doctrine of metaphysics. Many philosophers have provided answers to this question over the last 2500 years or so (MORE)
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What rhymes with reality?

brutality, duality, fatality, finality, formality, frugality, legality, lethality, locality, mentality, modality, morality, mortality, neutrality, normality, tonality, totalit (MORE)

How is reality fictional and how is fiction reality?

Well this is true for the most part, because what we as beings create with our minds is reality. Whether you're aware of it of not. It exists in some other realm, fabric of ti (MORE)

Do reality shows have reality?

Most do, yes. But all are manipulated to create a more dramatic presentation for viewers. Every resulting episode needs multiple stories. The same principles of storytelling y (MORE)

What reality is?

Well, nobody will ever know for sure until after death, but we can always speculate. One can take the Cartesian route, and say that I think, therefore I am, so we are real, an (MORE)

The reality of reality TV is?

an illusion Reality TV is usually totally staged with very little resemblance to reality. If there is prize money involved there are more rules For example: on a cooking (MORE)

What is 'out of touch with reality'?

This could be referring to dissociation, which is a state of mindwhere someone may feel like they are watching their life beforetheir eyes through a screen, or that they don't (MORE)

What is the reality of a UFO?

If we knew the reality of UFO's they wouldn't remain UFO's. Whether they exist is a good question. But it does seem with cells phones that can photograph and video there has b (MORE)
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WHAT IS agreement reality?

Agreement reality is what we think we know, or the way we perceive a certain culture or group of people. Agreement Reality can be easily misguided if researchers or observers (MORE)

Is Reality TV Still Reality?

While quantum physics has had to tackle the observer problem through experimentation, other sectors of society will have different solutions to quantitatively and qualitativel (MORE)