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What is reality orientation?

A formal activity that uses specific approaches to assist confused  or disoriented persons toward an awareness of reality, say 'here  and now' or by emphazizing the day and (MORE)

What is reality warping?

  Reality warping is a superpower in superhero fiction. It is the ability to reshape matter and energy, create or alter life and matter, turn a person's thoughts or desire (MORE)

What is reality anxiety?

Reality anxiety is the fear of danger from the external world, and the level of such anxiety is proportonate to the degree of real threat.
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What is a reality assumption?

Reality assumptions are beliefs(perceptions really) that we hold about the way things are. They are assumptions that we make and hold about what happened or what exists or how (MORE)

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is a computer simulation that imitates reality. Virtual reality can be used for entertainment or for science. (calculation, etc.) Nowadays, virtual reality is (MORE)

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What are reality shows?

Reality shows are television programs offered for entertainment to the viewing audience. There are 10 basic categories for reality shows: documentary, life drama, special envi (MORE)

What is a sentence for reality?

you cant always hide from your problems, you have to face the reality one way or another.
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What are reality show?

reality means which is real any things that happen or going on in real, in shows the dialogs are also writen by writers but inreal i thinks the diologs should also speaks and (MORE)

What is the reality of wrestling?

there is no reality of it, its just fake... edit: olympic and highschool wrestling is very real and is all about showing which wrestler is the most dominant on the mat.
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