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Where do you get a stamp on Reality TV Island?

Bucky Lucas, the reclusive reality star, will give you a stamp to use on your application card. Go to the motel office. and call 555-7383 (555-PETE). Order a pizza for room (MORE)

What is reality warping?

  Reality warping is a superpower in superhero fiction. It is the ability to reshape matter and energy, create or alter life and matter, turn a person's thoughts or desire (MORE)

How do you go on reality tv on poptropica?

first,you have to go to mikes market go to the man with the magazine in his hand click on it he will drop it pick it up,next go to the motel office click on the pens then go t (MORE)

Where is the address to reality TV poptropica?

go to the TV place on the island and go in click on the biggest TV it will tell you it is 123 Star Avenue but in order to get it on the application ccard u go into the TV stor (MORE)

What is the address on Reality TV Island?

The address for the application form is seen on the televisions at the TV store. You cannot write it on, but it is automatically added to the card after you see it. (It is 123 (MORE)

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is a computer simulation that imitates reality. Virtual reality can be used for entertainment or for science. (calculation, etc.) Nowadays, virtual reality is (MORE)
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What is the phobia for fear of reality?

I haven't seen referenced any specific name for "fear/phobia of reality". However, the good news is no one stops you from "inventing" it, the way the other phobias' names (and (MORE)

How is Hermia's dream a reflection of reality?

She says about her dream (in 2,2) "Methought a serpent ate my heart away, and you sat smiling at his cruel prey." While she has been sleeping Lysander, under the influence of (MORE)

What is a sentence for reality?

you cant always hide from your problems, you have to face the reality one way or another.
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