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Is realized a verb?

Yes, realized is a verb. It is usable in the sentence "I just realized this and that." As you can see, the word 'realized' is a conjugation of the verb 'to realize', which ma (MORE)

How do you spell realize?

The word can be spelt "realize" or "realise", though some would argue that the -ize spelling is more etymologically accurate and is used mainly in America
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What rhymes with realize?

Butterflies, bug eyes, full size, french fries, fractionize, Feel eyes. Steal eyes. Real eyes. circumsize criticize Idealize apologize
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Is realized an adverb?

No, the word realized is the past tense of the verb to  realize. The word realized is also an adjective.
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What is realization account?

An account used to record the disposal of an asset or assets and to determine the profit or loss on the disposal. The principle of realization accounts are that they are debit (MORE)

What is realization concept?

The realization concept and convention is an important concept in accounting. It basically means that accounts recognize transactions and any profits arising from it at the po (MORE)

How do you realize your dreams?

ANSWER 1 try , try & try your dream will come true one day ANSWER 2 To realize your dream WHAT TO DO - Plan your work and work out your plan. Hope for the best, be prepared fo (MORE)
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What is the past tense of 'realize'?

The infinitive form is "to realise" (British spelling). It is regular. I realised you realised (singular) he, she or it realised we realised you realised (plural) they realise (MORE)