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What is reap?

Reap is a verb, it means to cut the stems of wheat with a knife during the process of harvesting a crop.
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When to reap potatoes?

When the leaves are yellow and falling on the ground, that is when it is ready
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Will there be a sequel to The Reaping?

I doubt it. The film wasnt very popular with audiences or critics enough to gurantee a sequel. It was pretty unjustified, but so many films nowadays leave open the endings of ( Full Answer )
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What does a reaping machine do?

A reaping machine does the job of a reaper which is harvesting crops with a scythe such as wheat
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What you reap you will sow?

a metaphor. anything you plant now will grow into something bigger , good or bad.
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A synonym of reap is?

A synonym of reap is the word, gather. Harvest can also be used asa synonym for the word, reap.
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How do you use reaping in a sentence?

Thousands are always sowing and reaping and brewing and distilling, to slake the immortal thirst of the country.
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As you sow as you reap?

It literally means as you do unto others, so shall it be done to you.
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When do you reap tomatoes?

You can reap the fruits either green or red. Once they get sufficiently big, they can be picked green and ripened off the vine in a dark cool location or make fried green toma ( Full Answer )