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What does Reap what you shall sow mean?

It means you will get just as you do to others , if bad then you will get bad deeds , if you do good deeds you will get good. Answer: You reap what you sow. Another way of s (MORE)

What is the reaping in Hunger Games?

The reaping is a special day that happens once a year where every district draws two names, one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 , who will compete in the Hunger (MORE)

How does the reaping affect katniss?

The reaping changes her entire life. She must leave her family to go to the Games. She develops a friendship with Peeta, and a hatred of the Capitol. She becomes famous. She e (MORE)

How does Katniss save Prim from the reaping?

Katniss saves Prim from the reaping by volunteering to go into the arena instead of her little sister. Really, Katniss saves Prim from the Hunger Games, not the reaping. When (MORE)