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Is reasonable an adverb?

No, it isn't . Reasonable is an adjective, because it is a  descriptive word that relates to a noun.   e.g. The price seemed reasonable. He was a reasonable  man.   (MORE)

What is the reason why they are refugees?

People become refugees because they are forced out of their native homes because of natural disasters, political instability and conflicts such as civil wars. The main reason (MORE)

Reasons of anorexia?

There are alot of reasons why someone might develop an eating disorder such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa. Some reasons people have an eating disorder is because they (MORE)

Crying for no reason?

Happens all the time. Mostly because so much emotions are buliding up, and one thing happens to push you over the edge. Personally, it lasts for quite awhile. But I feel bet (MORE)
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What is the reasons to be a prefect?

So that you are higher up in the school, and are respected a little more by students in the school and by the teachers, basically so that you can have more of a say within the (MORE)

What were the reasons for federation?

In any nation's quest for independence, a lot of reasons may be at  play. Refer to the expert answer by 'On The Wallaby' for a more  in-depth analysis.
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What are the reason of infertility?

I don't know much about it but from what we've learn in biology - it may be because the woman produces too much oestrogen (a hormone) herself. The egg needs to mature, but if (MORE)