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What does rebellious mean?

Rebellious applies to someone who rebels, someone who refuses to follow existing rules, to obey instructions, to recognize authority, or to conform to established values. Rebe (MORE)

What does rebellious attitude mean?

Rebellious: deliberately disobeying someone in authority.  Rebellious attitude: always wanting to go "against the grain" and  be different from everyone else, and NOT wantin (MORE)

Why did the British exercise restraint in their efforts to defeat the rebellious colonies?

The British almost held back some at first because they didn't want to leave the nation in ruins afterwards. Both sides (British and American) in the Revolutionary War thought (MORE)
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What was the specific method for readmitting the rebellious states back into the Union in 1864?

During Reconstruction, President Abraham Lincoln implemented what was known as the Ten Percent Plan , a method of reinstating the Southern states into the Union. The Ten P (MORE)

How many rebellious angels did God cast out of heaven?

God only cast out one angel which was Satan himself, but at that time he was called Lucifer. Lucifer was known as the angel of worship and praise in heaven. But soon he became (MORE)
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Why are kids rebellious?

because they have nothing better to do and want attention. This can also be the result of bad parenting. And they break the rules because they're rules. if they weren't rules, (MORE)