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What does rebellious mean?

Rebellious applies to someone who rebels, someone who refuses to follow existing rules, to obey instructions, to recognize authority, or to conform to established values. Reb (MORE)

What is rebellious youth?

misbehaving not doing what your told. not listening to parents other adults e.t.c. Rebellious youth usually associated with teenagers. can enclude sex,drugs,smoking,alchol, sk (MORE)

Why are teens rebellious?

Its because teens start getting towards an age where they feel like they should be getting the respect and responsibility that they deserve. They also feel like since they're (MORE)
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Why are kids rebellious?

because they have nothing better to do and want attention. This can also be the result of bad parenting. And they break the rules because they're rules. if they weren't rules, (MORE)

Who was rebellious in The Bible?

As sin is rebellion against God's Law, the Scripture is quite clear that all have sinned and fallen short. Thus the need for a perfect Savior.
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How do you overcome rebelliousness?

You could overcome rebelliousness by talking yourself through those feelings. When you feel like being or acting rebellious, count to ten slowly and think of what your mother (MORE)
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What is the noun of rebellious?

The noun form of the adjective 'rebellious' is rebelliousness . The word 'rebellious' is the adjective form of the noun rebel . A related noun form is rebellion.
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