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Is there rebirth after death?

Rebirth(It is the atma changing body with erased memories of past life) happens only depending on your "KARMA", Which is Hindu belief but if you know Vedas then you will agree (MORE)

The rebirth of learning?

The term used for a rebirth of learning is Renaissance. There were many renaissance periods in addition to the Renaissance, including the Carolingian Renaissance, the Ottonian (MORE)
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Is rebirth possible?

Many religions believe rebirth is possible but i will do my best to answer your question.. Is rebirth possible? I believe it is as a matter of fact. Talking religiously yo (MORE)

What was the Renaissance the rebirth of?

The Renaissance was the "rebirth" of art, science, and learning after the Middle Ages, especially with regard to the classical civilizations of Greece and Rome.
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The rebirth of the KKK?

Originally formed during Reconstruction, the Klan disbanded in its  final years. After seeing a movie "Birth of a Nation" by D.W.  Griffith, William Joseph Simmons was inspi (MORE)