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What is Rebirth in Maplestory?

  It is when you reach level 200 on private servers. You can start over to level 1 and raise a warrior for example when you were a Night Lord. But you can use the skills o (MORE)

How do you rebirth in mabinogi?

1. When you reach 20 years of age you get a free rebirth, but the free one cant be used to change any appearance settings just reseting AP 2. Buy a Character card its about (MORE)
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Is there really rebirth?

You wouldn't know unless you are reborn as a human or if you meet someone who was human in the previous life. If you are reborn as a less intelligent being, you would not be a (MORE)
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What is Project Rebirth?

"Project Rebirth" is a under-construction project of the World Trade Center, basically their rebuilding the World Trade Center, Their will be 5 towers including a memorial si (MORE)

Is there rebirth after death?

Rebirth(It is the atma changing body with erased memories of past life) happens only depending on your "KARMA", Which is Hindu belief but if you know Vedas then you will agree (MORE)

What is the rebirth of a person?

Well, rebirth is quite a general term and is used in different  situations.    It can be someone being reincarnated (after they die, they become a  new person) this o (MORE)